Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Revue on Jim Croce!

The way I decided to write about Jim Croce is I was going through some songs on youtube today. I was listening to some of his songs and I thought it would be cool to write about him today.

His real name is James Joseph " Jim " Croce. He was born January 10th, 1943 and he passed away September 20th, 1973. I remember when he passed away. That was a real sad day for me because I love his music.

Jim and his wife Ingrid sang as a duo from 1960 to 1970 with capital records. They really didn't do well with that. They ended up moving back home and Jim went back to work for a construction company. He never did like to do that so then he went in to truck driving. He really had it hard trying to get his singing career going. Jim and Ingrid did record two albums that were released.

In 1970 he ran into a friend of his Joe Salviuolo that plays music too. Jim use to play guitar for him when he had shows back in college. Joe introduced Jim to Maury Muehleisen. Maury is a pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. Jim was going to back up Maury but it turned out that Maury was going to back up Jim. In 1972 Jim's career was taking off. He signed a three record deal with ABC Records. With them he recorded three album's. He started going on tours with his band.

Then on September 20th, 1973 after him and the band had left a show and was on the plane to the next show the plane crash. Everyone on the plane died. His last album was just about to come out. In December They did release that album. Jim has a son Adrian was born in 1971. Adrian is a singer, songwriter and musician and he also has some cd's out.

If you really want some good music Jim Croce album's are some to have in your collection. He has a soft and soothing voice and the music with his songs is really good. I wish I had my music collection then I could listen to this music more. In 1972 when his song operator came out is when I really got into his music. Then he came out with bad bad leroy brown and I just love that song.

I hope everyone likes this revue. I am going to leave you with a video of a song that I do like. This song was written for his son Adrian.

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