Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Story About Me Growing Up!

I grew up in Chicago Ill.. It was on the North side of the city. My parents had a two flat house. Upstairs was my Grandma, Grandpa and my Uncle. That was my Mom's parent's and her brother. I have a Sister that is two years older than me and I have have a sister seven years younger than me. While I was growing up I was always closer to my Dad.

I went to School at St. Edward's until the fourth grade. That year it was really cold and the Nun's would not let us girls wear a pair of pants under are uniform. The girls had dresses for uniform's. So my Dad took my sister and I out of St. Edward's and signed us up in a Public School the name of the School was Belding School. St. Edward's School was two block's away and Belding School was eight to ten block's away and we walked back and forth to School. Then I went to Belding School through seventh grade and my parent's moved to a Southwest Suburb of Chicago. That was Woodridge Ill.. Then for eighth grade I went to Jefferson Junior High School and I Graduated eight grade there. For High School I went to Downers Grove South High School. I Graduated High School in 1982.

Growing up in Chicago was really nice with my Mom and Dad. We had a big yard and the park was a half a block away from the house. The neighbors where all real nice to each other. You could go in the back yard and go by the fence and talk to the neighbors. My Grandma had a big garden in the back of the yard, we had a three foot pool in the backyard, a patio. The fence we had went all the way around the house. In the front yard we had a real nice pine tree. I remember walking with my Grandma to go grocery shopping and she had a little shopping cart to take with her so she didn't have to carry the groceries home.I had some really good friends. We use to go ride are bikes around the neighborhood go for walks, I would ride my bike to go to my Grandma's house ( my dad's mom). 

Then in 1977 we moved out to Woodridge Ill.. The house my parent's had was beautiful. Upstairs was the frontroom, kitchen, three bedrooms and a full bathroom. Downstairs was the family room, another bedroom my made into her sewing room, the washer and dryer and another bathroom. I shared a bedroom with my younger sister. The neighborhood was really nice so where the neighbors. I remember one winter it snowed really bad and all the neighbors got together to help each other clear there sidewalks and driveways.   I had some real good friends we would sit outside and talk, go for bike rides, go for walks and just hang out at each others houses.

My Dad's cousin had us come up to Wisconsin by there land they had. This is up the other side of the Menominee Reservation. Then the next thing I knew my parents bought some land up there. That is where we would spend our summers.  

When I got my Driver's License my friends and I would go out at night and meet at a restaurant just to hang out. We would just sit there and talk. That is where I met my now ex-husband. We got married in December 1983 and in January he went into the Army. He had basic training in Oklahoma and then he was stationed in Louisiana. So I moved to Louisiana with him and in November of 1986 I had my son. Then in December he was discharged from the Army. It was and honorable discharge. We moved back to Ill. In 1989 I had my older daughter and in 1992 I had my younger daughter. Then in March1996 we moved to Shawano.  Then in May of 1996 my parents moved up to Wisconsin. My Dad talked my ex into moving up here. Then in September of 1996 my Dad passed away. That was a real hard time for me.

Then in 2002 I was Divorced. I was a single mom with three kids. One thing I am thankful for is my family and my ex's family being there for the kids and I. During my marriage my ex was verbally and mentally abusive to the kids and I. There were times I was so afraid to come home from work because I didn't know what kind of mood he would be in but I did it for my kids.  My ex just packed his things and walked out on us while I was at my Mom's house with the kids. When we came home he was gone. Never said a word to me that he was moving out. I will let you know it is not easy being a single mom raising three kids by yourself. I am very thankful my kids learned real quick the word NO. They would ask me for something at the store and I would have to tell them no I can't afford this. But I can say one thing I have three great kids. They have grown up real good. I am so proud of all three of them and I Love my kids so much.

Yes I have dated a couple of men since my divorce. Right now I am in a real good relationship with the most wonderful man. He is totally different then my ex. My boyfriend is Caring, Kind, Worries about me, I can talk to him about anything, makes me Laugh, knows how to get me to smile, he has a Heart of gold and he Loves me just as much as I Love him. The kids and him are my Life and my World now.


  1. We all have paths that we travel throughout our lives, some good, some bad. What you decide to do with those paths determines your fate. Sounds like you've finally chosen the right path this time with your man. Lets hope there is no forks in that road up ahead :) but than again, if there is, now there is two of you that can make that decision. :)

  2. Thank you for bringing back all these memories. From the baby girl to the Strong women you became. I am so proud of you. AND I am so glad you found LOVE this time

  3. I can tell you one thing I do not plan on having anymore forks in my road. I am just so thankful I have found such a wonderful man now. I never thought I would ever find someone like him. He stole my heart the first day I met him!

    When I started this blog I was thinking about when I was growing up. Then I thought to myself and said I was going to write this. I am glad you enjoyed the memory. The strong woman part I get the strength from my dad. He showed me so much. Even though he is gone raising my kids by myself I think he was there the whole time with me. Finding the Love of my Life I was lucky with that. He is my strength now.

    Thank you to both of you for your comments!♥