Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Revue on Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Album!

Yes I am doing my revue on Led Zeppelin's album Celebration Day. I bought this album for one of Drew's Christmas presents this year. I had to go the day it came out to pick it up and I was glad I did. Because the one I bought only had three left after I bought mine. The set I bought Drew has two cd's, the concert on dvd and rehearsal session on dvd that means a total of four cd's. If you like Led Zeppelin at all this is one that you need in your collection.  Drew takes it all over with him to listen to the cd's.

The thing for me I would rather listen to the concerts than the studio versions. Some of the studio versions are alright but you get the whole picture of how the band really is unless you listen to them in concert. We listened to this album on the way up north for Christmas and I really like this one. I really didn't like Led Zeppelin until I met Drew and he will tell you that too.

Yes the band is up there in age but I will tell you one thing they did not miss a beat. Robert Plant his voice sounds just as great as back in the day, Jimmy Page on the guitar never missed a note it was great, John Paul Jones on bass he never missed a note and he also came out from the shadow and you seen him more on the dvd, Yes John Bonham was not there but  his son Jason Bonham was on the drums for the concert and I will tell you one thing he never missed a beat on the drums and I know his dad is watching him and is so proud of him right now. Jason also did background vocals on Good Times Bad Times. We watched the dvd on New Years Eve and I felt like I was there at the concert.

The concert was December 10, 2007 at Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert London's O2 Arena. The album was released November 19, 2012.

I am going to leave you with a picture of the band on stage. Please feel free to leave any comments!

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